5 Ways to Become More Visible Online

Increasing your visibility online is one of the best ways to attract more clients and to share your message of wellbeing in an authentic and honest way. I wrote down 5 handy tips that can help you to stand out and be more visible online.

The 8 Most Common Yoga Website Mistakes

Telling your story online can feel overwhelming. How do you make sure to build a website that reflects the excellence of your work instead of making your audience want to leave and never come back again?

Instead of creating a massive list of website to dos, I decided to start with the don’ts and put together this handy list of 8 common yoga website mistakes and how you can avoid them. Let’s dive straight in.

What Self-Care as a Yoga Teacher REALLY Means

What Self-Care as a Yoga Teacher REALLY Means

As yoga teachers we are used to taking care of others. Yet, we must also learn that receiving is just as important as giving. But self-care is SO much more than a lavender bubble bath on a Sunday evening. Learn how to embrace self-care for the badass, pragmatic and butt-kicking power tool that it really is.