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“I love teaching yoga, but the business side of it makes me feel overwhelmed and intimidated.”

Work together with me 1-to-1 to get the support you need for building a yoga business based on authenticity and clarity instead of overwhelm and chaos.

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“Growing a yoga business can get quite lonely. I wish I had more yoga entrepreneur buddies.”

Become a part of the Palms Up Community and share your ups and downs with like-minded yoga teachers. Our motto: community over competition.

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“I feel totally stuck on my yoga teacher journey and have no idea where to even get started!”

Whatever it is that holds you back - talking it through with somebody else (who sees the bigger picture) can do wonders. Schedule a free 30 min call to get unstuck.


Do you want to grow a sustainable and authentic yoga teacher business?

At Palms Up Club, I support you along your yoga teacher journey to make sure you believe in yourself.


By providing resources, community support and one-to-one help that follows a holistic approach, integrating the four Palms Up Pillars that are crucial for a fulfilled and successful yoga business:


1. Embrace the entrepreneurial growth mindset


2. Connect with like-minded yoga teachers


3. Build an online presence that suits you


4. Make self-care your number one priority

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What does palms up club have to offer?


Palms up Community

Connect with like-minded yoga teachers and embark on this journey together. Share experiences, exchange knowledge and join our exclusive Facebook group to be each other's cheerleaders. This path might seem lonely from time to time - but it doesn't have to. 

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palms up Biz support

I support you step by step along your journey of growing a profitable yoga business, while staying true to yourself, having fun and feeling inspired. Work with me 1-to-1 and find resources on topics such as business basics and growth or productivity.

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Yoga event

Palms up Events

From yoga teacher meetups with carefully curated speakers to mastermind groups and everything in between - the Palms Up Events promise is to investigate all aspects relevant to yoga teachers. Invites to the first London based event are going out soon.

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Feeling stuck? Book your free discovery call now

Book a free consultation call to get an evaluation of your current online presence, clarity on how to get started and/or information on how we could help you accelerate your online yoga business.

  • Step 1: Send an email to or fill out the contact form here to book a free call with me. No strings attached, no weird sales stuff - big Palms Up Club promise!

  • Step 2: Let's chat and connect :).


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