web design for Yoga, pilates & mindfulness professionals

In modern business a website is not optional.

It’s the starting point of any professional, profitable and sustainable mind & body business.

It will not only help you connect with your ideal clients/students, but it will also give you the confidence to believe in yourself and overcome your fear of getting out there. It will help you to feel professional, confident and authentic on this exciting career path.

My web design process is designed to be stress free and easy.

I use Squarespace for my projects (my own website is also hosted on Squarespace). I worked with tons of different web design platforms already, for example Wordpress, Wix and Weebly, and Squarespace is my all time favourite. Why? Because I love the clean design and simple user interface. Additionally, it’s super easy to manage all by yourself after the initial launch (which means you don’t have to spend more money on maintenance).

Squarespace Website Package

Yoga Website graphic.png

what’s included?

  • 1h clarity and strategy call with me to kickstart your project

  • My in depth web design questionnaire to get clear on your unique goals and strategy

  • 20% off your first year of Squarespace

  • Professional design of up to 5 content pages (eg. Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact)

  • I insert your logo, colours, fonts, content, and photos

  • User friendly and mobile optimised design (we want your website to look great on all devices)

  • Up to 10 free stock images

  • Connection of social media accounts

  • SEO optimisation and setup

  • One-to-one training session after website launch and access to my client library with training content and tutorial videos

  • 2 weeks of free post launch support

£ 990

(Payment plans are available: 33% at start, 33% midway, 34% prior to launch =100%)

NOT THE RIGHT CURRENCY? I list my prices in UK currency because I’m based in the UK, but I can work with people all over the world. Use a currency converter here.

All website package prices are exclusive domain renewal (around £10-£50 per year) and hosting costs (£8-£15 per month).

Extras like logo design, brand style guide, email marketing connection/setup, eCommerce/payment connection, online booking system etc. can be added at an additional cost. Just tell me what you need and I'll send you your bespoke website package proposal (non-binding, no strings attached).

palms up club Web design FAQ

+ Is this right for me?

This website package is perfect for existing businesses as well as brand new ones. So whether you want to launch your first website or you already have a website that you’d like to update - I can support you along the way.

I mostly work with mind & body wellness practitioners like yoga teachers, pilates teachers and mindfulness professionals. If you are a wellness professional who is unsure if Palms Up Club is the right fit - simply drop me an email and let’s chat (hello@palmsupclub.com).

I’d say it makes sense to get support with your website project if you:

  • want to have a professional setup and a stress free process
  • want to save yourself hours/weeks/months of guess work and overwhelm
  • tend to procrastinate and are scared of getting out there (hiring a designer also means having someone to keep you accountable - things will get done, no matter what)
  • see the value and return of investment you will get from working with a website expert, who is building a website that actually works for you 24/7 by attracting your ideal audience and converting website visitors.

+ Can't I just DIY this?

I come across this question a lot, so I’ve spent some time writing down my thoughts on it:

Yes, you can DIY your website. It completely depends on your technical understanding, the vision you have for your business and the time you are able to invest into this project.

If you are set on DIY-ing and it feels like the right thing for you, I say go for it :). You’ll find plenty of helpful resources on my blog and on my PUC Pinterest account.

For me, it took many years of studying, learning and working to gain the skill set that I have as of today.

Over the past 10 years I…

  • studied digital media and communications at top universities in Germany and the Netherlands to successfully graduate with a BA and MA university degree
  • worked as a user researcher and usability test manager, gaining real-life knowledge about what makes a website a REALLY good website
  • went through a Startup Accelerator Program in London
  • started using Squarespace in 2017
  • became a Squarespace Circle Member
  • took plenty of selected online business courses related to digital strategy, content creation and web design
  • tried all the different project management tools to come up with the best easy-and-stress-free process for my web design clients
  • read endless books, articles and blog posts to educate myself even further
  • educated myself further and further with podcasts, events, workshops, masterminds, online business communities, a LOT of facebook groups etc.

As you can see, I spent a LOT of time and money to gain the experience that I have today. All of those years and years of learning and working enable me now to do a job way quicker and better than someone who hasn’t spent the past 10 years learning what I’ve learned.

That’s why my clients decide to hand over their website project to an expert (it me!). Because I already know this stuff and I love to help you with the skills I’ve learned and enjoy using.

So my take is, yes, I believe that most people with a decent technical understanding could DIY a website these days, but the question is: is it a website that reflects the excellence of your services and that converts visitors into clients? Is it a website that actively supports you towards your growth and goals and sends out the message you want to send out? And does it make sense for you to invest a big chunk of your time and energy into learning all the skills you need?

The answers to these questions are different for every person - the most important thing is to make an informed decision that is aligned with your business, life and goals.

+ How much time will this take?

It really depends on how fast you are with providing feedback and completing your homework (pinterest moodboard, questionnaire and content creation).

Don’t worry, I’ll take you by the hand and guide you along step by step. Usually the process can take anything between 2-6 weeks, but it’s something that we can discuss and determine beforehand.

+ Do you outsource any work?

No, I do all the work by myself. #madeinlondon

+ How does the process look like?

1) You book an enquiry call with me. There are absolutely no strings attached and no obligations. It’s rather about figuring out if I am a good fit for your new website project, and you can ask me all the questions of course.

2) If you decide to move ahead with my website package, I’ll send you a proposal (in case you’d like any extras). From there on, I’ll send you my contract and invoice for the first payment (40%) to secure your start date. If we agreed on a payment plan, the first payment will be 33% of the price.

3) I’ll send you a link to my welcome package. Here you will find all the information about our project you’ll need.

4) I’ll set you up on Asana, which is the project management tool I use for my web design projects (it’s absolutely brilliant). I’ll send you an invite to our Asana project, where we can communicate and collect all files and information in one place (without having to send 172820 emails back and forth). Don’t worry if you are not familiar with it, I’ve got a quick video training about it in my client library.

5) I’ll ask you to complete some homework, to make sure I’m creating a website that will reflect YOU and your business (and not me ;)). The homework includes filling out a questionnaire about your business, ideas and goals for your website. We’ll also create a moodboard.

6) We’ll have a video strategy call to make sure we’re both feeling clear (and great!) about the next steps and further direction.

7) From there on it’s your turn to gather your website copy and images. From my previous clients I know that this part can feel the most daunting. But don’t worry, I’ll provide you with lots of help and guidance along the way (e.g. my free guide on how to write amazing website copy).

8) Once we gathered the content, I’ll start the design process with wireframes (focused on the structure) and mockups (focused on the design), with feedback rounds in between.

9) Then I’ll start to build your website in Squarespace. Again, there are multiple feedback loops. Soon your website will be ready to be launched out into the world (probably THE most exciting moment of the whole project).

+ Have a question you don't see here?

Ask it :). No question is too silly. Never ever. Send me an email to hello@palmsupclub.com if something is unclear or if you have any further questions. You can also schedule your enquiry call with me here and ask me all your questions directly.

I’m now booking for projects for autumn/winter 2019/2020. Shall we get the ball rolling?

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