I asked the Palms Up Community about their biggest struggles as yoga entrepreneurs. One of the most common answers: time.

Besides teaching, planning classes, other jobs, admin, self-practice, personal stuff and family life it can feel like there is barely any time left to work on growing your business.

You might feel like you have no structure, no strategy, no clear goals, like you are just rushing from one appointment to the next. You might feel overwhelmed with all the information online: email marketing, social media strategy, website builders, SEO etc. It can get even more complicated when you are a heart-led, conscious entrepreneur, trying to apply these online tools and techniques to the yoga industry.

And we all know the common pitfall: “Ahh, today in the afternoon I’m going to deal with my website, so I got that sorted”. Then you start researching website builders. From there on you find out that there are plenty of website builders that all look the same but also different. Then you try to figure out which one is best for yoga teachers. Then again there seem to be hundreds of different opinions out there. Then you realise that first you need a logo. So you start researching about logo design. From there on you realise that you have no idea about the intention of your branding and which brand personality you want to express…and…so…on…

Suddenly your afternoon is over and you feel like you didn’t get anything done.

I am currently working on the Palms Up Academy in order to solve this problem, by offering you copy and paste templates, blueprints and online courses to give you clear guidance, step-by-step, so that you can finally feel real progress along your yoga business path.

LAUNCH DATE: Late 2019