brand discovery Package

As a yoga teacher, you are your brand.

Why is that so important?

Well, we all know that we click with some yoga teachers, while we don’t with others. 

That’s perfectly normal and fine. However, this means that you want to make sure that you attract exactly the right kind of people that will benefit from your unique teaching style.

How do you do that?

By getting super clear on your core values, your brand’s characteristics and the message you want to send out to this wonderful world. This is the foundation for every strong and authentic brand. 

With this package I help you to discover and define a brand that truly aligns with the mission and vision of your yoga business.


what’s included?

  • Together we will discover your why and your unique brand personality

  • You will work through the elaborate Palms Up Club branding questionnaire, which helps you to get crystal clear about your unique brand and message

  • I will evaluate your questionnaire (and your status quo if you already have a brand/online presence)

  • 2 hour video call with me, including a short 101 branding intro (what is branding & why it’s important) with actionable steps and tools such as the Palms Up Club Build Your Yoga Brand template.

  • Recording of the video call (so that you can stay present and engaged rather than taking notes)

  • BONUS: a 25-minute follow-up call via Skype or Zoom to answer any questions that might have come up (to be used within 30 days after our 1-to-1 session)

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